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Oh haiii.

i miss you, still
no longer in a deep, aching way,
but rather in the dull hum of my car radio

i hope you smiled today

and while you’re getting swept up
in the excitement and mystery and
passion of this confusing, intriguing,
heartbreaking, beautiful life,

i hope you never forget what is most important

i hope you remember that
it’s not about finding someone to complete
and write sappy poems about,
it’s not about listening to soft music on repeat
with your eyes closed,
wishing you were somewhere else
or someone else,
and it’s not about doing well on exams,
or traveling the world,
or always being artificial sunshine
instead of being real

because it’s okay to have sad days,
and a number in the corner of a page
can’t give you lasting satisfaction,
and you can’t be everyone’s prince charming,
and while music stirs up something
so beautiful inside of us,
you can’t hide in your melancholy world
of D minor, forever

every night i pray that you’re not lost,
that you’re somehow finding your way,
and although
i can’t speak these words to you directly,
i hope you know
i’ll always care.

Madisen Kuhn, I Wrote This For You (via praises)

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Some Sexist Shit

Girl Code
s. 2 ep. 17 
Charlemagne tha God (yeah that’s his name) goes “why buy the cow when I’m getting the milk for free?” when talking about Defining The Relationship.

Some Sexist Shit

s. 2 ep. 18 
The Adrien Brody looking dude compares a dog attached to a chain, reaching for a piece of meat, to a guy in a relationship looking at other girls.

Mooki is a young street style photographer, travelling the world in search for the perfect street style fashion”

… and she illustrates fashionistas as cats. brilliant.

Women of today are still being called upon to stretch across the gap of male ignorance and to educate men as to our existence and our needs. This is an old and primary tool of all oppressors to keep the oppressed occupied with the master’s concerns. Now we hear that it is the task of women of Color to educate white women; in the face of tremendous resistance; as to our existence, our differences, our relative roles in our joint survival. This is a diversion of energies and a tragic repetition of racist patriarchal thought.

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House, Audre Lorde

Lorde, Audre. “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.” 1984. Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches. Ed. Berkeley, CA: Crossing Press. 110 - 114. 2007. Print.

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